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Their Cameras. Their Story.

Welcome to the website for FINDING FOCUS, a feature film that is truly independent.

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FINDING FOCUS is a festival-minded drama about a fashion photographer and his makeup artist girlfriend, who document the beginning of their relationship while they record behind-the-scenes footage of their fine art photo project, Lipstick & Lies.

The film captures the hope and heartbreak of a budding romance, while simultaneously recording both the inspiration and frustration involved in artistic creation.

The movie adopts an aesthetic proven successful in horror films such as Paranormal Activity and applies it to an indie drama with crossover appeal.

We filmed with cameras ranging from the Canon 5D mkII and Nikon D700 to the Flip and iPhone 4.

The director, David Henri, is a veteran video supervisor who has worked with Steven Soderbergh, Kenneth Branagh, Ron Howard, Ang Lee, Steven Spielberg, and dozens of other acclaimed directors.

The film, currently unrated, contains Nudity, Adult Language, and Adult Situations.

For updates, please check our blog!

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