Finding Focus

Their Cameras. Their Story.


A fashion photographer and a makeup artist shoot "behind the scenes" footage of their own relationship as they document the creative process in assembling a fine art photo project.

RYAN STILLER (played by Chris Alvarado) is a mid-level fashion photographer who has crafted a comfortable career shooting beautiful models.  He has an idea for a more serious fine art project, but fears that no one will take him seriously.

OLIVIA FINCH (played by Carole Weyers) is a last-minute substitute makeup artist on one of Ryan's fashion shoots.  At the end of a long shooting day, he details his fine art concept and she offers to help, both as a model and as a makeup artist.

The two agree to partner on the project and soon develop a strong personal relationship along with their professional work.

Ryan was always interested in shooting video of the unfolding project, and Olivia suggests that they take the concept a step further and document the beginning of their personal relationship as well.

Through numerous cameras (ranging from a Canon 5D mk II to a Nikon D7000 to a Flip HD to an iPhone), the two document the ups and downs of their relationship, especially as it coincides with the highs and lows of their photo project.

In a film that unveils the the details of both a personal relationship and the creative process of a artistic work, we learn that whatever the failures of individual people, the camera never lies.

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