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Now Casting Lead Female Role

Never Lies is now casting for the lead female role, Eileen.  The role is envisioned for a white female, 21-25 years old.

Eillen is a stunning and intelligent model who has realized success in the fashion industry, but is searching for a more serious outlet for her creativity and intellect.

She has an intense and wonderful romance with Harry, a photographer nearly twice her age; but the relationship begins to disintegrate due to issues of trust, jealousy, and their age difference.

There are 4-5 modeling scenes which require nudity. There are 2-3 love scenes which also require nudity. Scenes will all be tastefully shot, but this is not a role for someone uncomfortable with nudity on screen.

The success or failure of the film depends on finding just the right person for this role. Looking for great combination of beauty and acting skill. Modeling experience is strongly preferred, but not required.

The film is dramatic improv. There is a tight structure and outline to the story but most scenes and dialogue will be improv. Actors applying for roles should have strong improv skills and a great sense for dialogue.

The leads will earn a significant backend percentage of the gross (ie, from the first dollar earned). Leads will also share writing and producing credits.

The film will have a definite indie sensibility to it. The tone will be somewhere between Lost In Translation and The Girlfriend Experience.

If you are interested in applying for the role, please see the posting on or

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