Finding Focus

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Spanning The Globe For Sound

I've just heard the near-final sound mix for the film, and our crew of telented mixers, led by Dean Konidaris, have done an AMAZING job!

We found Dean through an internet posting and, despite his location halfway around the world in South Africa, we've had no issues with the long distance aspects of the sound creation and mix of the picture.  It's yet another example of how the world is getting smaller and how all aspects of film production are becoming more accessible.

And it's just incredible to hear what a difference proper sound can make to the film.  On our shooting budget, creating a proper mix on location was simply not affordable (though we did utilize a two-track system).  Dean and his team had a huge task in front of them, and handled it brilliantly.

Once the final mix is complete, we'll be submitting to a dozen additional fesitvals!

Dean Konidaris and team mixing Finding Focus

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