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First Lipstick Images Available

The first images of our hero lipstick shoot are available for viewing this week.

The very first image is below.  Additional images are available to our Kickstarter backers, through the supporter login.  We are also making some images available on and flickr.  We'll post links to those shortly.

"Never Lies" (film) - Tess Kiss 2

Shot in Santa Monica Today

Today, we had a half day of shooting in Santa Monica.  It was fun to feature the beach side of life in L.A. and the weather, which had been forecast for rain and gray skies, was actually wonderful.

We also shot at South, on Wilshire Blvd.  The owners and staff were fantastic and gracious.  (And the menu was great, too!)

Below is a "self portrait" (purposefully cut off!) that could appear in the film...

First Location

After several days of filming at our hero loft location, we've just wrapped our first location shoot.  

We shot a few fun scenes at 8 1/2 Taverna in Studio City.  Fabrizio and his entire crew there were fantastic and very accommodating.  And the food was phenomenal!

Photo Shoots Wrapped

We planned all of the photo shoot scenes for the beginning of the schedule, and it looks as though we've finished that work! 

All of our models did a terrific job, as did our primary cast.  Footage and stills look fantastic.

We'll be launching a supporters section of the site over the weekend, which will have access to many of the stills from the shoots.

In the meantime, here's a quick glimpse of the cast, director and producer:

(Yes, the lipstick is for the role!)

Filming Has Begun!

Wow, what a crazy-busy two days we've just had!  The first two days of the shoot featured the majority of our photo studio scenes -- which basically means we shot six different models in 16 hours, all with a variety of looks and across a number of scenes.

Everyone's exhausted, but in a good way.  We got some really great footage (and stills!), and feel like we  are off to a really solid start.

It is so exciting to finally be shooting the movie, and I can't wait to keep going next week!  The actors and models all did really phenomenal work, and our tiny crew is doing fantastic!

First Day of Principal Photography is Tomorrow!

After months of preparation, the first day of shooting is almost here!

A couple of days ago, we shot material for a campaign, which will hopefully help us raise money to cover some of the costs of production.  We'll post a link as soon as that video's online.

Even though we're shooting a feature film for an insanely small amount of money -- it's still funds that are coming directly out of my checking account.  That makes quite an impact on my account, even if it's a fraction of a day's hot-cost for a studio film.  So we really hope that people are drawn to the film and the story and are interested in contributing -- and we'll have some great rewards as part of the program.

In the meantime, we're off to the races as photography is about to begin!

Lipstick Photo Tests went great

Yesterday, we did some test shoots of the main concept for Ryan and Olivia's fine art project -- a lipstick bodyart series.

We found a great makeup artist in Lee Komet, and a terrific model, Laurie Mannette.  The shoot went really well, and the concept looks like it's going to work beautifully!

Principal Photography is a week away!

Rehearsals continue to go extremely well.  The characters and story are really becomes their own creatures now, and it's an incredibly exciting time.

We begin shooting in one week - on Wednesday, March 23.

It's a mad rush to get to that point, but we're all thrilled to be so close!

Casting Announcements

We're pleased to announce that we've settled on some fantastic actors for many of the key roles in the film!

Improve veteran CHRIS ALVARADO will play Ryan Stiller, the male lead.

Belgian actress CAROLE WEYERS will play Olivia Finch, the female lead.

EMMA DOCKER will play Tess, the girl who could come between Ryan and Olivia.

CAMERON KLIPPSTEN will play Duncan, Ryan's best friend.

We are very excited to have these extremely talented actors on board for the film. Rehearsals have been a dream, and we're all very excited to begin filming soon!

Casting Nearly Complete

We've had a great round of auditions in the past week and hope to announce the casting of the major roles in one week's time. We had previously cast the female lead back in January, but unfortunately the actress had to fall out of the project.  Though we were disappointed, it's also to be expected in a any film, much less a micro-budget project such as this.  We've already seen a couple of excellent candidates to fill the role, and are very excited about the prospects we are meeting next week. With luck, we should have the leads cast by Wednesday, Mar 2, and rehearsals underway be the end of the week!
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Hero Location Is Locked In

We're happy to announce that we've secured our hero location for the film! We've got a great loft in Silverlake which will serve as our production office during prep, and our main location for the film -- Ryan's photo studio/apartment.  We're really excited about the space and looking forward to putting it to good use.  Now we just have to furnish it!
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Happy New Year

2011 promises to be an exciting year, especially for Never Lies.  We've had a fantastic round of auditions and call backs for Eileen, the female lead, and hope to be able to announcement the male and female leads in less than a week. Once the leads are set, we'll be preparing some information for a financing campaign on; which will hopefully lead to some dinero for gear and locations fees.  Though we have financing to get through principal photography, a round of funds from KickStarter will be a definite boost to what we'd be able to achieve otherwise.  KickStarter is a site that helps creative projects find financing and has been very successful for many projects so far. We'll spend the next couple of weeks working on the logistics of getting the film off the ground -- in other words, we'll be in full-tilt "Prep" mode. I'll take a couple of weeks off in February to wrap up my commitment to "Contagion," the incredible Steven Soderbergh feature that I've been on for the past 6 months.  After that, it's a few more weeks of prep, followed by the commencement of Principal Photography. It's going to be a great year!
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Now Casting Lead Female Role

Never Lies is now casting for the lead female role, Eileen.  The role is envisioned for a white female, 21-25 years old. Eillen is a stunning and intelligent model who has realized success in the fashion industry, but is searching for a more serious outlet for her creativity and intellect. She has an intense and wonderful romance with Harry, a photographer nearly twice her age; but the relationship begins to disintegrate due to issues of trust, jealousy, and their age difference. There are 4-5 modeling scenes which require nudity. There are 2-3 love scenes which also require nudity. Scenes will all be tastefully shot, but this is not a role for someone uncomfortable with nudity on screen. The success or failure of the film depends on finding just the right person for this role. Looking for great combination of beauty and acting skill. Modeling experience is strongly preferred, but not required. The film is dramatic improv. There is a tight structure and outline to the story but most scenes and dialogue will be improv. Actors applying for roles should have strong improv skills and a great sense for dialogue. The leads will earn a significant backend percentage of the gross (ie, from the first dollar earned). Leads will also share writing and producing credits. The film will have a definite indie sensibility to it. The tone will be somewhere between Lost In Translation and The Girlfriend Experience. If you are interested in applying for the role, please see the posting on or
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